Alta NX can undertake most common types of jobs, even the most difficult, as drilling and grooving ones. Associated with the ALTA XL centering device, you save a lot of valuable time and can handle any job with speed and precision. 

ALTA NX Patternless EdgerFeatures include:

  • Variable Mini-Bevel
  • Tilted Bevel System
  • Optional Angled Drilling
  • Inclined Grooving
  • Flexible Safety Beveling
  • Unique edging concept based on small 90mm edging wheels
  • Strong and precise lens measurement
  • Easy-to-learn human interface
  • Processing of all types of materials
  • Four cycles per material for secure edging
  • High finishing accuracy: 1/100mm


Download Product Brochure (PDF)

The Ultimate in Finishing Quality
The Alta NX pushes back the limits of lens edging while optimizing your time. It allows you to undertake more delicate work: it is at last possible to undertake drilled jobs.

"Autofocus" Bevel
To personalize and get the most out of your job, you have the choice of four completely automatic bevels which take the lens characteristics and the tracing data fully into account.

"Finesse" Safety-bevel
This option gives you surgical precision on the internal and external faces of any lens thickness.

Optional High Precision Drilling
An entirely new design allows the drilling unit to work at any angle from 0° to 30° with an accuracy of 0,1 mm. The lens fits the frame instantly.

Diamond Polish
Absolute transparency and sparkle, to add to the elegance of your assemblies Mini bevel To realize a bevel with a predefined width.

An Ideal Interface
Easy to learn icons show you the lens exactly as it is after finishing, and to guide you throughout the edging process, giving you guidance and feedback when issues arise.

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